Kids + Gratitude = Magic

By Kathleen Boucher   Have you ever lain in bed at night wondering what kind of future your kids will have with a world gone hay-wire? Will your kids be successful? Will they have enough money, clean air or clean water? Will they be able to afford housing, schooling and own their own car? Will […]

Detach and Allow!

By Kathleen Boucher Are you a student of self-help books, positive emails, seminars and the latest affirmations that are supposed to work wonders for your self-esteem? Do you set an example for your kids? Are you an avid follower of successful mentors who advise you on the best way to use the law of attraction? […]

Fake It Before You Make It!

Allowing the Universe to Give You What You Want.   By Kathleen Boucher   Have you ever read or heard about the law of attraction? Do you know and understand, that you are always attracting what you think about and what you say? Do you know of colleagues, friends, or neighbors, who always seem to […]